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Volunteer at CTTR

What will I do on a volunteer shift?

Daily watering and feeding

Gardening and waste removal


Check on at-risk animals


Sanitize enclosure furnishings

Want to volunteer unique skills or professional services?

We would be happy to talk about it! Please reach us via the Contact page.

Before you schedule a shift, please note:

  • Volunteer shifts are not tours. To schedule a tour, please contact us via the Contact page. That said, you will learn about tortoises and their care while you work!

  • All duties are performed during a shift as needed.

  • Shifts are generally an hour long, but staying longer is welcome and appreciated.

  • Volunteers must be 12 years or older. Ages 12-15 must be directly supervised by an accompanying adult. All shifts must be scheduled by adults.

  • Wear closed-toed shoes. Mud is common.

  • Bees are sometimes present.

Once you understand what to expect, please click a button below to schedule your shift!

Other ways to help

CTTR runs entirely off of community donations and adoption fees. Every cent helps!


Reach Out To Us

to donate an item.

Just ask if it's something we need at the moment. Husbandry equipment

or tortoise food is often needed.

All profits go directly to CTTR's dedicated funds for tortoises and box turtles in need.

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