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Join CTTR as a Foster Home

NOTICE: This page is temporarily open while we are seeking a few additional foster homes. We are especially seeking homes around the Dallas-Fort Worth area that can take large (50 lb and greater) Sulcata tortoises. That means at least one enclosure of 1000 square feet with no other tortoises in it (see below).

Foster homes are private residences affiliated with Central Texas Tortoise Rescue which provide temporary homes for the animals in our care while they are awaiting a final adoption, just like our two main facilities. Having foster homes throughout the state of Texas enables us to expand our areas of operation and to take in more animals at a time.

A fosterer can choose how many animals they will take on at a time, as well as determine the size of the animals they have the space for - no one is required to foster a specific size tortoise or box turtle, nor foster any more than one animal at a time.

Coordinate drop off and pick up times for animals coming into and out of your foster home!

Russian tortoise standing on the ground with food in mouth

Provide an appropriate, safe, clean, outdoor habitat, with food, water, and shelter!

male three toed box turtle sitting in a hide tucked into shell

Give tortoises and turtles stable temperatures to thrive in, throughout the seasons!

chaco argentinean tortoise sitting on the ground in enclosure

Get veterinary care for recovering animals as needed - CTTR pays for all veterinary expenses!

three toed box turtle with one eye lost eye from dog attack standing in the grass in front of hide



Russian, box turtle, or other small tortoise: 25 square feet

Redfoot, juvenile sulcata, or other medium tortoise: 64 square feet

Sulcata or leopard between 20 and 50 lbs: 400 square feet

Sulcata or leopard greater than 50 lbs: 1,000 square feet

 Please be aware that you must have an enclosure that meets the space requirements for a specific tortoise or box turtle before you can foster them! 

Other ways to help

CTTR runs entirely off of community donations and adoption fees.

Every cent helps!


Reach Out To Us

to donate an item.

Just ask if it's something we need at the moment. Husbandry equipment

or tortoise food is often needed.

See what volunteers can do at CTTR and schedule a shift at either the

Bertram or Pflugerville facility.

All profits go directly to CTTR's dedicated funds for tortoises and

box turtles in need.

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