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Foster an Animal

Fosters provide a temporary home for animals in CTTR's care while they are awaiting placement with a forever family. 

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Help an animal in need without a lifetime commitment

Benefits of Fostering

Help CTTR save so many more animals than we possibly could without you!

Help an animal recover from an illness or injury with medical care covered by CTTR

Your role as a foster

Provide a safe, clean outdoor environment with food, water, and shelter.

Coordinate drop off or pick up times for animals coming into or going out of your foster home.

Transport to/from any necessary veterinary appointments (all medical expenses will be paid by CTTR).

Maintain as many or as few enclosures for large, medium, or small animals as you want. 



Russian/box turtle/other small: 25 square feet

Redfoot/Hermann's/other medium: 64 square feet

Sulcata 20 - 50 lbs: 400 square feet

Sulcata > 50 lbs: 3,000 square feet

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