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Rehome Your Tortoise or Box Turtle with CTTR

We recognize that the decision to confer your shell baby to us can’t be easy, and we are deeply committed to finding your animal a perfect forever home. He or she will not leave our care until we find an adopter that meets our high standards - with no exceptions!  Our goal with re-homing (adopting) is to ensure each animal finds a home in an outdoor environment in which it can thrive and live a long and happy life.

We do not have the facilities to take aquatic turtles.  For aquatics such as red-eared sliders, please reach out to one of the rescues listed at the bottom of this page.

If you have found a native tortoise or turtle in need of rehabilitation, DO NOT bring it to CTTR.

CTTR rescues domestic animals and cannot rehabilitate wildlife. Instead, please consider the wildlife rescues we recommend, found on the home page.

Three toed box turtle shell deformation standing on the ground from behind
Baby sulcata african spur thigh tortoise held in hand
Juvenile sulcata african spur thigh tortoise tucked into shell on the ground
red foot tortoise held in hand in front of enclosure
adult sulcata african spur thigh tortoise standing on the ground with pyramiding
Other Tortoise Rescues for Rehoming and Adoption

Nature's Edge Wildlife
& Reptile Rescue

Tortoise Ranch Rescue

Central Texas Tortoise Rescue CTTR logo
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