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Adult Sulcata tortoise, African spur thigh tortoise, eating grass

Central Texas Tortoise Rescue

for Tortoises & Box Turtles

Welcome to

Operating since 2015, Central Texas Tortoise Rescue’s mission is to house, care for, rescue, and rehabilitate captive (pet) tortoises and box turtles who need a helping hand, and to place them into loving forever homes. We operate out of our homes by appointment only.

Yellow foot tortoise looking up

Find out more about providing a perfect forever home for a tortoise or box turtle in need.

Explore options for finding your shell baby a new place

to thrive.

CTTR runs entirely off of community donations

and adoption fees.

Every cent helps!

Feeding, habitat, and husbandry information.

Our Story

It all started with a supposedly ageless Russian Tortoise named Trogdor, a newly homeless Box Turtle named Stuart, and an abandoned Sulcata named Thor.

Small russian tortoise in the grass
male three toed box turtle looking down at food bowl
Sulcata african spur high tortoise face and beak, tucked into shell
Adult Sulcata tortoise, African spur thigh tortoise, looking at the camera
Adult Leopard tortoise in the grass

If you have found a native tortoise or turtle in need of rehabilitation, DO NOT bring it to CTTR.

CTTR rescues domestic animals and cannot rehabilitate wildlife. Instead, please consider the wildlife rescues we recommend below.

Nature's Edge Wildlife & Reptile Rescue

Central Texas Tortoise Rescue CTTR logo
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