Alternatives to Surrendering


What Is This?

It's easier to say what it is NOT. People or organizations on this list are:

  • NOT affiliated with CTTR in any official manner

  • NOT vetted by or recommended by CTTR

  • NOT receiving financial or other support for CTTR

  • NOT providing financial or other support to CTTR (except any voluntary donations they may choose to make)

What Should I do?

  • Contact the person or organization of your choice 

  • Work directly with them about your situation

  • Understand that they may not have the same facility or care standards that CTTR does

  • Understand that they may not provide the types or sizes of habitat that CTTR recommends 

  • Understand that animals not directly surrendered to CTTR will NOT be entered into or tracked in our system, and we will not identify, review, or vet adopters surrendered outside of our system. Some people will bring the animal to CTTR for you and it will become part of our system.

You can view more details about each person by scrolling to the left and right.